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baseball strength training program

Most strength and conditioning programs are developed for general athletes. We have designed a strength and conditioning program to address the specific needs of the throwing athlete.


This comprehensive program aims to focus on:
- Teaching proper lifting techniques specific to throwers
- Build capacity for faster skill acquisition
- Reduce arm injuries
- Prepare the athlete for the demands of a baseball season



Program Led By:
Dan Mahoney
Strength Coach & Former MLB Player

Dan Mahoney is a former professional baseball player who was drafted by the Miami Marlins and the New York Yankees. He suffered an elbow injury to his pitching arm and underwent Tommy John Surgery after which he had challenges playing at the elite level. Dan retired from professional baseball and has made it a mission to help young baseball players avoid injury. He currently holds certification through NASM, RKC, and has been a contributor to Stack Magazine, Breaking Muscle, Dragon Door Publications, and Kettlebell’s USA.

Dan is a contributor to “Breaking Muscle Magazine” highlighting his expertise on Tommy Johns.

Read the full article here.
Tommy John And Baseball: America's Favorite Elbow Surgery


Each baseball player in the program will receive a preliminary free 15 minute Medical Arm Screen from one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy to determine deficits that can lead to potential injury. It is imperative for baseball players to have sufficient strength in shoulders, core, and hips combined with a very specific amount of shoulder range of motion to throw safely.

Training sessions hold up to 10 baseball players per session. This is the most efficient and economical way to train.

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