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Obtaining the appropriate position on a bike, is one of the MOST important steps in maximizing a cyclist’s experience on and off the bike. Unfortunately this aspect is often over looked, and cyclists become accustomed to discomfort. For some this discomfort often leads to compensatory mechanics up and down the skeletal chain, which may result in injury.

Here at Fast Track Sports Medicine, our team of physical therapists are movement experts. Our goal is to achieve the highest outcomes for our patient’s and return them to whatever playing field they desire - the bike is no different.

With over a decade of Triathlon/cycling experience coupled with both a Bachelors in Exercise Science and Doctor of Physical Therapy, our fitter Matt Jewell, knows the exact biomechanical demands cycling has on the human body.

Whether you are dealing with a nagging injury, trying to achieve that next PR, or simply missing out on your bike due to discomfort - come on by and let us help YOU reach your cycling goals!

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Medical Bike Fit:
(2 hour appointment)

Our medical bike fit is our most comprehensive service. It includes a full physical therapy evaluation, a static/dynamic bicycle assessment with video analysis, foot-pedal interface assessment, cleat modifications, and a comprehensive exercise prescription to address impairments identified throughout the exam.

This service is perfect for the cyclist who is currently having pain on the bike or has a pre-existing injury that is keeping them from achieving their cycling goals.

Performance Bike Fit:
(1.5 hour appointment)

Our performance bike fit begins with an off-bike musculoskeletal screen and still includes an identical static/dynamic on bike assessment with video analysis, foot-pedal interface assessment, cleat modifications and a home exercise program to address any glaring strength/flexibility deficits identified throughout the fit process.

This service is designed for the cyclists who may not have pain on the bike but still feels generally uncomfortable or is looking to maximize their efficiency and overall economy.

Performance Bike Fit - Discounted for Current PT Clients

Foot/Pedal Adjustment:
(30 minute appointment)

The foot-pedal interface is one of the most overlooked aspects of a bike-fit. However, achieving an appropriate cleat/pedal alignment is pivotal in optimizing movement up through the knee, hip and pelvis/low back.

This service is perfect for the cyclist who has already had a bike-fit but, has purchased new shoes/cleats or is having discomfort through their lower leg or feet.