Cut Your Rehab Time in Half with this Simple Strategy

I've been thinking a lot about this. After all, I didn't build "Fast Track" to provide slow rehab from sports injuries. The pro athletes seem to recover at a blazing speed so, other than the obvious genetic superiority of these athletes (sorry everyone), professional-level rehab must be the gold standard. However, consider the following...Every team and sport has a different medical crew that uses different evaluative strategies, manual approaches, tools, and recovery equipment. It can't be a magic blend of any of the above or everyone would be doing it the same way. 

Then I realized. There is ONE common strategy to the rehab of all pro athletes:

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How to Return to Running After a Layoff or Injury

It’s almost spring again and that means old man winter is gone and it is safe to venture outside and return to your previously scheduled recreational adventures.

A question we are often asked, especially this time of year is: “How do I get back into running after a long layoff?”. This is a very appropriate question to ask after any layoff from running, but more important after injury. We often see runner’s who go through “chronic” injury cycles because they return too quickly to running after rehab.

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The Top 3 Common Diagnosis for Knee Pain

...And why they probably aren’t the cause of yours

I’ve been practicing for 17 years in sports medicine and knee pain is largely being categorized into a few main diagnoses. The most prevalent location is in the font of the knee, and for simplicity purposes, I’ll call the go-to diagnoses the “Big 3”.  Drum roll please:


1.       Osteoarthritis, also known as “bad knees”

2.       Patellofemoral syndrome (Friction under the kneecap)

3.       Meniscus tear

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Dispelling #Alternativefacts in Medicine

Hey world! Welcome to the new Fast Track Blog.

Finding legit information on the internet can be a daunting task. While I can't help you discern #alternativefacts in our current political environment, I am here to unveil the truth behind medicine. I've been on a mission at a local level in Northern Virginia, and now feel compelled to reach as many people as possible through social media. Finding the right medical advice can truly be life changing. This blog will empower you to make the right decisions specifically regarding musculoskeletal injuries (tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints, fascia) despite potentially flawed medical recommendations. You should be able to live a life without pain and ultimately free of limitations.

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