Dispelling #Alternativefacts in Medicine

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Hey world! Welcome to the new Fast Track Blog.

Finding legit information on the internet can be a daunting task. While I can't help you discern #alternativefacts in our current political environment, I am here to unveil the truth behind medicine. I've been on a mission at a local level in Northern Virginia, and now feel compelled to reach as many people as possible through social media. Finding the right medical advice can truly be life changing. This blog will empower you to make the right decisions specifically regarding musculoskeletal injuries (tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints, fascia) despite potentially flawed medical recommendations. You should be able to live a life without pain and ultimately free of limitations.

Want to run a marathon? You can do it.

Climb out a mountain? We got you covered. 

Be able to play with your kids without constantly hurting yourself? Of course!

Traditional medicine has become fast paced care that is unfortunately dictated by declining reimbursements from insurance companies. Accurate diagnoses are difficult to determine in a 10-15 minute visit and the wrong recommendation may alter your life in a very negative way. It breaks my heart to hear clients say their "doctor never even touched them". It's not that they don't want to. It's that they don't have the time.

My team and I challenge the status quo of medicine, and if you are a health care professional reading this, I encourage you to do so to. We must hold ourselves to a new standard to provide real care and real solutions.

If you are someone who is frustrated with the health care system and can't seem to make progress, we understand you. We don't believe you should ever accept any level of medical care that removes activity from your life. The body is designed to move. It's the way we all stay strong, healthy, and relieve stress. This is quality of life. This is YOUR life.

Stick with me to learn what's real and what's not. It's time for 


I'm looking forward to empowering you with life-changing knowledge,


Dr. Kerri Kramer Webb