Cut Your Rehab Time in Half with this Simple Strategy

I've been thinking a lot about this. After all, I didn't build "Fast Track" to provide slow rehab from sports injuries. The pro athletes seem to recover at a blazing speed so, other than the obvious genetic superiority of these athletes (sorry everyone), professional-level rehab must be the gold standard. However, consider the following...Every team and sport has a different medical crew that uses different evaluative strategies, manual approaches, tools, and recovery equipment. It can't be a magic blend of any of the above or everyone would be doing it the same way. 

Then I realized. There is ONE common strategy to the rehab of all pro athletes:

THEY ALL START CARE RIGHT AWAY. And I mean the moment an injury happens. 

A gem of a research study came out in the Journal of New England Medicine last September that revealed: 

"starting rehabilitation two days after injury rather than waiting for nine days shortened [...] return to sports by three weeks without any significant increase in the risk of reinjury." 

(Link to full article HERE.)


While that's great for the pros, I rarely see an injury on my tables at day 2.

Here's why:



I've spent the last 6 months at Fast Track trying to figure out how to streamline our approach to sports injuries and provide immediate care to athletes based on the latest research. I reorganized our care model to serve as more of a Urgent care scenario with a specialty in sports injuries by adding 3 services:

1. SAME WEEK Sports Evaluations- Full one hour evaluations to determine the cause and return to sport ASAP. This is the fastest method if you are sure physical therapy is the solution for you. We are able to diagnose all sports injuries without imaging. If you heard a definitive "pop" or if you have a suspected fracture, you should contact your local hospital ER for imaging. 

2. SPORTS INJURY SCREENS- 15 minute screen shots of your injury if you're really not sure which way to go. We will take your history, perform 2-3 orthopedic tests and recommend your best course of treatment whether it's sports rehab, targeted soft tissue work, imaging, or a different medical specialist. 


3. WALK-IN HOURS- These are 15 minute sports injury screens (see #2) with no appointment required. Don't worry about calling or getting a physician referral. Head on over during our walk-in hours (currently Mondays and Thursdays from 8 am - 12 noon). First come, first serve. 

Immediate care pic- Matt & Shannon.jpg

Fast Track’s Doctors of Physical Therapy have the knowledge and expertise to quickly provide all the guidance you need to recover and return to your sport as soon as possible. Common questions we help answer every day include:

·         What is my injury?

·         How long will it take for me to recover?

·         Will I need an x-ray or MRI?

·         Is an orthopedic consultation necessary?

·         Is immediate sports rehab necessary?

·         Would other modalities like targeted soft tissue work help my recovery time?

·         Where do I get crutches/how do I use them?


Our mission is no wait time for athletes and quicker sport-specific treatment. MOST IMPORTANTLY, no more fear and uncertainty that injuries can cause. Do you need our help? Call us at: 703-237-3930 and we'll get right on it. 


Fast Track Sports Medicine and Performance Center


Walk-in hours: Mondays & Thursdays, 8:00 AM- 12:00PM.