Medical Run Analysis

This 2-hour analysis will give you everything you need to diagnose your injury and create a plan to ultimately run pain free.

It includes a physical therapy evaluation and a slow motion video analysis of your run.

You will receive corrective exercises, run drills, and training recommendations at the end of the session.


Sports Injury Evaluation or Screen

Athletes must be assessed from a full body perspective to find the true driver of the injury. A calf strain, for example, may be occurring because of weakness or restriction in the hip.

Our Fast Track-certified therapists perform one hour head to toe evaluations to find the source of the problem. Additionally, our therapists always  perform video analysis of your sport as soon as tolerated, typically during the second visit.


Medical Swim Analysis

Most swimming injuries are a result of poor swim mechanics. We're so adamant about correcting form that we added a SwimBox endless pool to get it right.

This service combines a one-hour medical evaluation from a physical therapist with a 45-minute video swim analysis from our onsite swim coaches. Together a diagnosis is determined and form is addressed to ensure your injury is fixed and you're back to swimming pain free.



Red circular marks on athletes, most recently Olympic swimmers and divers, are the aftermath of a technique called cupping.

We were certainly skeptical about this strategy and agree that those circles look terrible, but we have had some success particularly with loosening up tight fascia (the thin layer of soft tissue around your muscles).

While it looks painful, cupping is more of a pulling feeling from the suction. We don't recommend this treatment before a hot date.


Dry Needling

Athletes train hard and often develop trigger points (knots) in muscles that can be painful locally or cause referred pain. Sometimes these knots are so stubborn that manual therapy alone can't quite take care of it.

Our physical therapists insert very small needles (similar to acupuncture) into your trigger points to give you faster relief.

This service is used an an adjunct to our treatments and never as a treatment alone as mechanics must be addressed.