Former pro baseball player Dan Mahoney knows firsthand that shoulders & elbows can take a beating in overhead athletes.

He has created the solution to throw faster & prevent unnecessary arm injuries. Join Dan this summer to participate in his "Pain free Throwing Method".

For Baseball players ages 10 to 18. 
June 22nd - August 24th

Participants receive:

  • Comprehensive athlete screening at the beginning of the program to identify areas of weakness and faulty movement patterns
  • A strength, conditioning, and arm care plan based on results of the screen and tailored to the individual athlete
  • 3x/week in-person group training sessions at the Fast Track facility. Sessions are designed to build the foundation for long term arm health and performance and to train athletes in a safe and optimal manner.
  • End of program final screen

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Dan Mahoney

Strength Coach & Former MLB Player

Dan Mahoney is a former professional baseball player who was drafted by the Miami Marlins and the New York Yankees. He suffered an elbow injury to his pitching arm and underwent Tommy John Surgery after which he had challenges playing at the elite level. Dan retired from professional baseball and has made it a mission to help young baseball players avoid injury.

Dan’s clientele has included National Football League players, high school and college athletes, and those looking for a better quality of movement and life.  He currently holds certifications through NASM, RKC, and has been a contributor to Stack Magazine, Breaking Muscle, Dragon Door Publications, and Kettlebell's USA.



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To sign up for The Pain Free Throwing Method 8-Week Course, click the link below and select your pay-per-week or full course (discounted) option:

Spots are very limited so sign up today!