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The medical world is a challenging place. In fact, it's rare that we see an athlete with a textbook case. We don't believe any clinic can guarantee the same results for everyone ("We'll get you better in 3 visits"). Here is what we can promise: That you will receive our undivided attention during your entire 60 minute session. This means faster results with very specific customized care. No group exercise, no aides, no unnecessary modalities. 

Keep scrolling for a list of our services that will get you back into the game:


Sports Injury Evaluation or Screen 

Athletes must be assessed from a full body perspective to find the true driver of the injury. A calf strain, for example, may be occurring because of weakness or restriction in  the hip.

Our Fast Track-certified therapists perform one-hour head to toe evaluations to find the source of the problem.

Additionally, our therapists always perform video analysis of your sport as soon as tolerated, typically during the second visit. 


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Medical Run Analysis

This 2-hour analysis will give you everything you need to diagnose your injury and create a plan to ultimately run pain free.

It includes the physical therapy evaluation above with the addition of slow motion video analysis of your run. These two components are eye-opening for our runners and leave nothing unturned.

You will receive corrective exercises, run drills, and training recommendations at the end of the session.  We welcome coordination with coaches if you have one.



Medical Swim Analysis

Most swimming injuries are a result of poor swim mechanics. We're so adamant about correcting form that we added a SwimBox endless pool to get it right.

The Medical Swim Analysis combines a one-hour medical evaluation from a physical therapist with a 45-minute video swim analysis from our onsite swim coaches.

Together a diagnosis is determined and form is addressed to ensure your injury is fixed and you're back to swimming pain free.



Dry Needling

Athletes train hard and often develop trigger points (knots) in muscles that can be painful locally or cause referred pain. Sometimes these knots are so stubborn that manual therapy alone can't quite take care of it.

Our physical therapists insert very small needles (similar to acupuncture) into your trigger points to give you faster relief. This service is used an an adjunct to our treatments and never as a treatment alone as mechanics must be addressed.




Red circular marks on athletes, most recently Olympic swimmers and divers, are the aftermath of a technique called cupping.

We were certainly skeptical about this strategy and agree that those circles look terrible, but we have had some success particularly with loosening up tight fascia (the thin layer of soft tissue around your muscles).

While it looks painful, cupping is more of a pulling feeling from the suction. We don't recommend this treatment before a hot date.

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How will you get my diagnosis right?

Our plan A is the thorough head-to-toe evaluation from a Fast Track physical therapist.  The PT can typically nail the diagnosis on day one.  If your PT is not confident with his or her diagnosis, plan B is to either pull in another physical therapist or obtain a second opinion with imaging from the onsite regenerative doctors.  We're very stubborn and won't let you walk out our doors without an accurate diagnosis.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Bring your insurance card, ID, any imaging results, and prescription if you have one.  Wear clothing that stretches and can expose the injured area.  Most athletes show up in their workout clothes.

Do I need a prescription from a doctor for PT?

We're happy to say a prescription is no longer required.  Virginia law (as of June 2016) has made it easy for you to book a physical therapy appointment immediately without seeing a physician first.  One stipulation is that we will need a prescription after 30 days, but we have docs in house who can help us out with that.

Will my insurance cover this?

Our physical therapy services are covered by most insurance plans as an out-of-network provider.  All insurance plans offer different benefits.  If you would like to know the covered amount ahead of time, call your "members" number and request benefits for "out of network physical therapy".  Insurance is confusing and we are happy to help if you need assistance.  Our 65 year old+ crew are fully covered through our contract with Medicare (provided you have Medicare and have  a secondary insurance).

What if I'm not sure you can help?

You're not alone and we applaud your critical consumerism.  That's why we offer 15 minute consult for $50.  Our team will be fully honest and transparent in our ability to help.  If physical therapy is not the right service for you, we will recommend imaging or a different type of specialty medical service to get you heading in the right direction.

I'm not an athlete.  Can I still come here for treatment?

Absolutely.  While we specialize in sports injuries, we are able to treat anything that falls under the scope of musculoskeletal pain.  This includes injuries to joints, tendons, muscles, fascia, and ligaments of the spine and all extremities.  This is an equal opportunity  rehab clinic!

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