Professional Profile:

As a former college volleyball player, Whitney’s approach to massage therapy is one that incorporates manual soft tissue therapies with the science of movement.  Her interest in massage began as an athlete plagued with overuse injuries.  Her desire to find an additional recovery tool beyond that of the ice whirlpool and anti-inflammatories led her to a massage therapist.

After working in the non-profit sector for several years after college, Whitney decided to pursue her interest in helping people one-on-one. She attended the nationally recognized Potomac Massage Training Institute in Washington, DC.  Whitney began working on marathoners and triathletes, and soon found a following within the Crossfit community when she herself began to use Crossfit as a training program.  She has worked in chiropractic offices where she treated many conditions, including spinal disorders, scar tissue for post-operative care and muscular injuries from sports or accidents. With her extensive knowledge of sports and training programs, Whitney also became a certified personal trainer in 2010 to assist clients with injury prevention and currently is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialistwith the NSCA.   She has had additional training in Neuromuscular Therapy, Stretching, Contemporary Cupping Methods and Prenatal Massage.

Whitney has had the privilege of working on clients of all ages and backgrounds.  She has been hired to work with college swimmers, professional lacrosse and tennis players, elite triathletes and Crossfitters.  She formerly volunteered at Walter Reed medical center within the Mologne and Fisher houses to provide massage to wounded warriors and their families. 

Athletic Profile:

When not working, Whitney is playing sports, hiking, reading or trying out new restaurants in the area. Whether working on her strength with a barbell or playing doubles volleyball, she lives an active lifestyle.  She believes the study of the human body, both from a movement and behavior standpoint, is endless.  Each experience brings with it a learning opportunity to expand upon her ability to help others through massage.